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Hello and thank you for coming across my page! This portfolio shows some of my work for different clients like renown companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs.
If you are interested in support with your new business project or looking for new marketing concepts 360°, advertising strategies, corporate Identity, branding, creative content etc.…lets talk 🙂
You can contact me in English, German, Spanish, Italian or Persian (Farsi).


means Translating your business ideas into emotions, so that your target audience can truly hear you.


1 : 1 Sessions & Seminars: Coaching, Consulting, Idea Development:


Concept Development: Benchmark, Trend Research, Target Group


USP, Corporate Identity & Design, Website, Logo, Business Card, Digital Media Design


Content creation, int. communication in 5 languages, Digital Marketing Campaign


Client: One of Germany´s most renown aviation companies
Project: Concept, strategy & project management – Dubai Airshow Event
Work: Developing a strategic concept wth storrytelling to represent the brand´s new goals & messages. The concept has been realized through a hologram for the ferry event at the dubai airshow.

Client: One of Spain´s most renown Spanish medical fertility clinics
Project: Concept, design, content creation – International digital marketing campaign
Work: The campaign generated success and has been adapted into all other markets (Italian, French, Spanish, UK, German) of the clinic to increase social media awareness for the brand.

Client: German educational institution –
Project: New Business Development 360° for a start up company
Work: Development of a new business concept and educational prodcuts through online-programs. 360°concept, strategy, branding, design and management of the whole project. 100% increase in customers, expansion from headquarter to customers around entire Germany.

Client: Psychological Coach
Project: New Business Development 360 ° for an entrepreneur
Work: 360° concept development, strategy, branding, design and management of the whole project. USP, naming, business plan, content creation, website, logo, business card, digital marketing, etc.

Some more creative works
Project: New Business Development 360 ° for entrepreneurs
Work: Concept, branding, design


What my clients say

Bewertung: 5 von 5.

Georg Rapp – founder of

5 Stars – Marketing Genius with Heart and Mind
My journey with Sara Mousavi began six months ago, and I can say without hesitation that it was one of the most rewarding entrepreneurial decisions I have ever made. With her support, I was able to develop a clear and effective marketing strategy and create a website that is both successful and authentic.

Sara’s online coaching sessions were always marked by deep appreciation and a keen eye for detail. With her unique combination of smart questions and endless patience, she helped me see my own vision more clearly and execute it effectively.

The end result exceeded all my expectations. Not only do I see a remarkable increase in website traffic and conversions, but the feedback I receive is a true testament to the authenticity and clarity I have always desired.

For anyone who is in the challenging phase of starting a business: I highly recommend Sara Mousavi from the “Institute for Business Coaching & Mental Training”. It was not just coaching, it was transformation.

Bewertung: 5 von 5.

Ingo Thiedke
Sara – you are a woman who has that special standing. Simply said, however, not easy to deal with this strong character or to break through it. It’s not just the words you say, but what’s behind them. A statement is not just the statement, but the sense behind it. You put it into special words so that the client works with you on a special level right from the beginning. The knowledge transfer happens there on a way that is not immediately visible and noticeable to everyone. Your presence is on a
level that is not only in a vertical alignment but also in a horizontal alignment. This is exactly
what we need as human beings to get into a truly deep connection that builds trust sustainably.
Today more than ever! That’s where life begins and that alignment makes you special!

Bewertung: 5 von 5.

Domenica Pünschel
Sara had the talent to pick me up exactly where I was standing.
And with her empathy, she was able to connect exactly there.
She managed to move me in such a way that I also found more to myself.
What I want to transport, I experienced again with her myself. What I always wanted was to bring the complexity of what I wanted to say to the point, and that happened just the same and was a super beautiful result. She was able to enter into a very specific situation with me, which I had told her about, how I came to my self-employment in the first place, because I had a real blockade, she stepped in with me, and she went so deeply with me, until I had the knowledge to myself. It was a super great pleasure. A very trustworthy job and special work where you are in an emotional upheaval with yourself. And for that I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Bewertung: 5 von 5.

Kyra Behnken,
I have had a very good experience working with Sara! It was from the beginning a warm and friendly climate and I had a good feeling that I am right here with her!
Sara has personally taken care of my business needs and about the final result, my business website, I am thrilled! 🙂 Thank you very much for your great commitment, dear Sara! I would engage you again at any time!

Bewertung: 5 von 5.

Anna Doege
Sara Mousavi created my website and my corporate identity. She did this with great engagement and always responded to my needs and wishes. Thank you Sara!